Apply directly to trouble areas, helps relieve arthritis, joint pain, stiffness, swelling and can aide in the recovery of sore muscles and joints.  Our special blend of essential oils and pure CBD Crystalline can also offer relief for skin rashes, including itchy, dry, and flaky skin while replenishing natural moisture.


Extra Strength RELIEVE Stick 1500mg CBD, comes in a deodorant like container that allows for easy usage and offers more CBD per swipe than nearly all our competitors.  From strains to joint distress and muscle pulls our RELIEVE Stick can be applied anytime day or night.  The cannabinoids along with our specially formulated blend of natural and organic ingredients, absorb through the skin and into the bloodstream, providing relief for sore muscles, joints, and a wide array of skin conditions.


100% Natural and made with organic ingredients our 1000mg CBD Renewing Detox Mask can offer relief for a wide array of skin conditions. To demonstrate, our RENEW mask uses a special blend of natural detoxifying agents to help you quickly clear up blemishes, reduce skin irritation, and prevent the signs of aging. Clarify skin’s overall appearance and texture with this revitalizing and purifying mask.  This mask promises to help brighten skin’s appearance restore your skins natural glow.

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