(Salve & Re-Leaf Stick)
Whether your recovering from an intense workout, or have sore muscles and joints from life’s daily grind our “Active Recovery Pack” is perfect for you. Made with natural ingredients, including essential oils our products can offer you the relief you need, the way nature intended.


(Sleep, Immunity, Mixed Berry)

All of our 1000mg CBD Tinctures are formulated with organic MCT Oil. Whether your looking for an immunity boost for your body, help relaxing into a flawless sleep, or in need of anxiety & stress relief our “Tincture Bundle” is perfect for you.


(Re-Leaf Stick, Salve, Mint Tincture, Immunity Tincture)
Our “Ultimate CBD Collection” can provide your body with the ultimate wellness boost. Our specially formulated Immunity Tincture can naturally provide the body’s immune system a boost. Our organically flavored Mint Tincture can help reduce stress and anxiety. Reduce soreness on the spot with our super potent Re-Leaf Stick, and upon application our signature Salve can offer relief for sore muscles & joints.

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