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Devyn Kim

I started CrossFit in 2011 when I was only eight years old. Never in a million years did I ever think that CrossFit would have become such a huge part of my life and my being in every aspect. I have always dreamt of becoming a professional athlete and then to eventually work with athletes in sports medicine as a career. I remember seeing athletes like Annie Thorisdoitter, Kristen Clever & Julie Foucher at the Games and I wanted to be just like them. Julie had always been my inspiration because she was able to balance her CrossFit career and Medical School at the same time.

Brian Friend, B Friendly Fitness

After discovering CrossFit in college and quickly becoming a devotee competing in the Open since 2013, Brian’s passion grew attending the North Central Regional that same year. By 2018, he leveraged his enthusiasm into media connections, landing spots on CrossFit podcasts and Regionals. These connections led to valuable coaching opportunities at Sanctionals over the next two years. Returning to his roots in 2019 as a full-time coach at CrossFit PFT, Brian brought a wealth of experience from coaching soccer and designing personalized training programs. While respected for his knowledge of CrossFit athletes, Brian’s true passion lies in CrossFit’s core – a lifestyle of self-improvement alongside a community, fostering healthier and stronger people.

Shut Up and Scribble

Having previously led the media department at CrossFit Inc. and served as the host of the official CrossFit Podcast, Sevan Matossian has made a notable return to the podcasting world. Now, he hosts a wide array of guests on his channel, from authors to UFC fighters, engaging in conversations nearly every day. Within this vibrant podcasting endeavor, HGR CBD proudly sponsors a standout segment titled “Shut Up and Scribble.” Hosted by Taylor Self and J.R. Howell, this particular segment focuses exclusively on the ins and outs of CrossFit programming. The discussions range widely, touching on everything from programming for current CrossFit events and managing programming at CrossFit affiliates, to designing specialized programming for elite CrossFit athletes.


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