There’s an invigorating new blend in town that’s making waves, and we at HGR CBD are thrilled to announce its arrival! If you’re a resident of Summerlin or just passing through, a rejuvenating treat awaits you at Palm Sugar Coffee Bar. Say hello to our very own HGR CBD Supergreens Berry Blend!

A Match Made in Beverage Heaven

Nestled in the heart of Summerlin, Palm Sugar Coffee Bar has long been the go-to spot for those seeking unique, flavorful beverage experiences. Known for its commitment to innovation and quality, Palm Sugar has partnered with HGR CBD to bring you a refreshing merger of health and flavor.

Why HGR CBD Supergreens Berry Blend?

Our Supergreens Berry Blend is more than just another drink. It’s a carefully curated blend of superfoods and the purest CBD, aimed at enhancing wellness and elevating your day. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and the calming effects of CBD, it’s a drink designed to nourish both body and mind.

Innovative Creations Await

While the Supergreens Berry Blend stands tall as a refreshing drink on its own, Palm Sugar Coffee Bar takes it a step further. Their talented baristas have crafted:

  • Hot Matcha & Supergreens Berry Blend Latte: A warm and comforting concoction, this latte beautifully balances the earthy tones of matcha with the fruity zest of our Supergreens Berry Blend.
  • Iced Matcha & Supergreens Berry Blend Latte: Perfect for those warm Summerlin days, this iced latte is a cool, refreshing burst of flavors, bringing together the best of matcha and our Supergreens Berry Blend.

Experience It at Palm Sugar Coffee Bar

For the discerning folks in Summerlin looking for a beverage that’s both delicious and beneficial, Palm Sugar Coffee Bar now offers the perfect solution with our HGR CBD Supergreens Berry Blend. Whether you prefer it hot or iced, in a matcha latte, or simply on its own, a delightful experience is guaranteed.

So, the next time you’re in Summerlin, swing by and dive into a world where wellness meets taste, and let the unique flavors of HGR CBD Supergreens Berry Blend elevate your day.



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