This weekend, the team at HGR CBD is thrilled to announce our participation in the highly anticipated Grit OCR event in Santa Clarita, California. As enthusiasts of both wellness and challenging outdoor activities, we’re looking forward to engaging with the community, sharing our passion for CBD’s benefits, and experiencing the gritty competition firsthand.

Embracing the Challenge with Wellness in Mind

Grit OCR is known for its demanding obstacle course races that test the limits of physical endurance and mental toughness. At HGR CBD, we believe that our products align perfectly with the needs of athletes who participate in such demanding activities. CBD has been recognized for its potential to aid in recovery by reducing inflammation and soothing muscle pain, making it an ideal companion for the physical exertion that participants will face.

A Perfect Match: CBD and Obstacle Course Racing

Participating in Grit OCR represents more than just an opportunity to compete; it’s a chance to educate and integrate. We aim to show how integrating CBD into one’s wellness routine can potentially enhance physical recovery and overall well-being. Our team will be on-site to share insights about the benefits of CBD, answer questions, and provide samples of our top products to both participants and spectators.

Building Community Connections

Events like Grit OCR are not just competitions; they are gatherings that foster community spirit and promote a lifestyle of health and wellness. HGR CBD is excited to connect with like-minded individuals who are looking to push their limits and incorporate natural products into their health regimen. We believe in building strong community ties and supporting our customers in their pursuit of fitness and wellness goals.

Join Us for an Adventure-Filled Weekend

We invite all attendees of Grit OCR to visit the HGR CBD booth where you can meet our friendly team, learn more about our products, and discover how CBD can support your active lifestyle. Whether you’re racing or cheering on the competitors, we look forward to sharing this invigorating experience with you.

Look Forward to Seeing You There!

Prepare to get muddy, challenge yourself, and have a lot of fun this weekend at Grit OCR. Don’t forget to swing by the HGR CBD booth to say hello, grab some samples, and perhaps find your new favorite CBD product to help with your recovery and preparation for your next race!

We’re excited to be part of this vibrant event and can’t wait to see the community come together to test their grit and resilience. See you at the finish line!


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