Home Grown Releaf is Sponsoring GRIT OCR

We at HGR CBD are proud to be sponsoring the Grit Obstacle Course Race. This race is a next-level OCR, focusing on core and grip strength, endurance, and agility challenges balanced with trail running while leaving out the gimmicky stuff, like mud or water obstacles. Grit OCR courses are designed to be balanced with obstacles strategically placed between sections of running and hills, to push you out of your comfort zone, test the strength of your body, pushing you to the next level of strength and fitness. 

The Perfect fit for HGR

Our athlete-focused CBD brand is perfect for the athletes going through this tough race. They will push their muscles to the limits, and Home Grown Releaf has products meant to help them perform and recover. Whether it’s a Supergreens blend for athletes to get their daily greens in, as well as a serving of CBD, or a Salve meant to make your muscles recover better, HGR has athletes covered to ensure they perform and recover the best they can.