For four days in August 2023, Devyn Kim and the three other members of the CrossFit Invictus team ran, lifted, sweat, and bled at the 2023 CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, and came away as the Fittest Team on Earth. Kim’s body went through a lot over the course of the competition, and she turned to Home Grown Releaf Recovery Salve and Relieve Stick to help get her through.


“I’ve had a hurt shoulder for the last two years now – nothing so bad I’ve had to stop training, but nagging. I’ve done so many PT sessions for it. I LOVE using the HGR Recovery Salve on it! I rub it on every day, and I use it when I scrape my shoulder at night.”

Kim has bad feet, and with so much running at the CrossFit Games this year, she was able to take advantage of the Salve and Stick to help her bounce back quickly.


“I would put it on the bottom of my feet before I went to bed each night, and it helped me sleep better! It felt so cold and tingly!”

In Madison, Kim used the HGR Relieve stick on the go in between events and the Recovery Salve at night. With the combination of the CBD of the two products and her consistent usage, Kim noticed that her body, especially her feet was able to recover faster and she wasn’t in as much pain after long running sessions. She felt incredible after the long run – the lactic acid never really built up in her legs or calves, and was ready to bounce back quickly for the next event. 

Want to speed up your recovery? Try our topicals – Home Grown Releaf Recovery Salve and Home Grown Relieve Stick and up your game like Devyn Kim. Find relief from strains, joint distress, and muscle pulls.

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