We are thrilled to announce that HGR CBD will be showcasing our team’s strength, agility, and determination at the CrossFit Apollo Games 2023! As enthusiasts of both the CrossFit lifestyle and the incredible benefits of CBD, this is an exceptional opportunity for us to blend our passions and test our mettle against some of the best athletes in the community.

Why We’re Excited:

1. The Apollo Experience: The CrossFit Apollo Games, as detailed here, is not just any competition. It’s an amalgamation of passion, strength, and community spirit. We’ve been training diligently, and we can’t wait to participate in the range of challenges set out by the Apollo team.

2. Showcasing the Power of CBD: As champions of the benefits of CBD, particularly in recovery and endurance, our participation is also an excellent platform to demonstrate how CBD can be a valuable supplement for athletes. We’ve experienced improved recovery times, better sleep, and reduced muscle soreness—all of which are essential for a CrossFit athlete.

3. Building Community Connections: The Apollo Games is a hub of fitness enthusiasts, professionals, and brands. We’re looking forward to connecting with fellow participants, sharing experiences, and learning from the diverse group of athletes attending.

4. Pushing Our Limits: At HGR CBD, we believe in the potential of both the human body and the incredible benefits of CBD. This competition will be a testament to our commitment to health, fitness, and holistic well-being.

5. The Thrill of the Game: The adrenaline, the challenges, the camaraderie—there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of a CrossFit competition. We are gearing up, not just to compete but to immerse ourselves fully in the exhilarating experience.

To our loyal HGR CBD community: We invite you to join us on this journey. Whether it’s cheering for us at the Apollo Games or following our progress online, your support means the world. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of CrossFit, the potential of CBD, and the strength of community.

Stay strong, stay committed, and here’s to smashing records at the CrossFit Apollo Games 2023!


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