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CBD Clears Brain Fog

Do you ever have those days where you just feel off, you struggle to focus, you can’t concentrate, keep forgetting what you were just doing/thinking about, or just have no mental clarity? This is unofficially referred to as brain fog or mental fatigue. So, then we sit there all frustrated and feeling uncomfortable for the day. Trying our best to drink coffee or water to help clear our heads to no avail. Therefore, the day ends with the fog never going away but we powered through and hope tomorrow will be better. What if I told you that CBD clears brain fog? Why are people not talking about this?

There are many factors that can cause this feeling of brain fog; stress, sleep, hormonal changes, diet, medications, and several medical conditions. Knowing what we know about CBD, can we say that it can be useful to treat these causes? Let’s take a look at the science…

Brain Fog Causes

As we know CBD can be useful for a number of things; weight loss, anxiety, sleep, inflammation, and depression to list a few. There is a lot of science out there to support the claims about CBD. There enough to support the claim that it can be useful in treating the common brain fog causes? Let’s see.


I know, I had the same thought. Stress its vague. What kind of stress are we talking about? We are not talking CBD clears brain fogabout the kind that is resolved in a matter of moments. Those short bursts of stress usually dissipate quickly, and your body returns to normal function and you can have a laugh about it later. Although we do not typically enjoy this kind of stress, it is not always bad for us. Keeps us sharp! No, we are talking about the kind of lasting stress that puts our body in an unhealthy state. Our bodies are not designed to be under stress for long periods of time. This kind of stress can lead to an increase in blood pressure, can weaken our immune system, can lead to symptoms of anxiety/depression, and even cause weight gain.

So, where does CBD come in? Well, let’s talk about stress baby. How can CBD clear brain fog? 

A study in 2010 with participants suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD) shows that the use of CBD helps reduce the current anxiety, but also changes the brains initial reaction to said anxiety.

In a 2011 study indicates that those suffering from social anxiety in regards to public speaking using CBD reduces their stress.

In 2014 study finds that appropriate doses CBD oil has anti-depressant effects on participants.

The list goes on. There is study after study that shows the effectiveness of CBD on stress.


Oh, the pillow is calling now, all soft and cold, ready for a head to peacefully rest upon its cotton filled perfection. Even with the allure of the pillows calls of promised comfort and peace we do not always get that and when that happens, brain fog in the morning. Sometimes our sleep is disrupted by a number of factors. But don’t you worry, CBD is GREAT for sleep deprivation. We have a whole article about it. You should check it out!


Diet? Why is this always a factor. Well, our bodies need balance, and this is where it starts. The brain fog can be the effect of a deficiency in vitamin B-12, food allergies/sensitivities, MSG, aspartame, peanuts, or even dairy. Now it is important to maintain a balanced diet and removing the food culprits is most definitely the first step. But CBD plays a significant role in boosting the entire metabolic rate of the body. Your body will be able to perform desired activities in optimum condition that is a significant step in your fog free life.


It is about balance and that is what the endocannabinoid system does. Endocannabinoids are made by the body to relay messages to cells via receptors. Plant cannabinoids (CBD) act similarly to the endocannabinoids. CBD Clears Brain Fog By Treating The CauseResearch has indicated that the use of CBD can normalize the endocannabinoid system and have a positive effect on other systems as well. Studies have determined the use of CBD do not activate the endocannabinoid system directly, but instead influences the body’s natural cannabinoids to either block off or activate receptors as needed. In short, CBD will not replace the deficiencies but will help in keeping the body balanced.



Now, we are not going to sit here and tell you not to take prescribed medications for your ailments. Although, it is important to know that the pharmaceuticals that are prescription can sometimes cause brain fog. Depending on what the medication is, there may be a homeopathic option that can work with your body more naturally to alleviate the symptoms the pharmaceutical is treating. We strongly recommend if you are experiencing brain fog due to medication to reach out to your doctor and look at all options for your treatment.



There is a long list of medical conditions that can cause brain fog; depression, diabetes, migraines, or arthritis to name a few. The brain fog can be simply because of inflammation or fatigue.

We have several articles with extensive research that touch on all these areas. I will give a quick overview, but please take a moment to read the other articles. You will be entertained! To much again? I do this every article.

Diabetes: CBD has shown and continues to show that it has a significant effect on the body’s functions in many ways. The research to date suggests that these benefits of CBD include the prevention and maintenance of diabetic symptoms. Scientists have data that suggests that CBD lowers cholesterol, cuts down hyperglycemia, reduces fasting insulin levels, and decreases insulin resistance. All this data means that CBD is working to help the body in fighting this disease.

Migraines: CBD oil was the treatment of choice for migraines in 2000 BCD and continued through 1937. CBD Clears Brain Fog By Treating The CauseUnfortunately, the science to support its use has not caught up to historical evidence yet. But, I for one will not let that stop me from trying something that has been successfully for thousands of years. Although, the data is limited the internet is full of anecdotal evidence of migraineurs who have try CBD oil and find relief.

Inflammation: CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that reduces pain/inflammation. This information is proven in research time and again. Studies show CBD works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) naturally to reduce inflammation by mediating the immune response that is associated with the injury, infection, or disease.

CBD is the Solution to Brain Fog

CBD is proven to be effective in treating many of our bodies systems. It works with our natural systems to balance the body. There are many factors that can cause this feeling of brain fog; stress, sleep, hormonal changes, diet, medications, and several medical conditions. Knowing what we know about CBD can we say that it is useful in treating these causes? We have evidence that CBD is effective in treating several of these causes (stress, sleep, diet, some medical conditions) and believe CBD clears brain fog as a result of these treatments.


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Kelly researches and writes about the use of CBD in the fitness and health community. She holds a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. When she isn’t running an in-school Bootcamp class for 7th and 8th graders, teaching science for 6th and 7th graders, or coaching kids classes at her local gym, she is chasing her son Dominic around and leading a life of example with regular training, food prep weekends, and an active, healthy lifestyle. She previously ran the athletic department for her Charter School but has since passed the torch to her Assistant Director so she can pursue other opportunities to spread the word of fitness and health in her local community.