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Enjoy products you love, share your unique discount codes with your friends, and earn money with ease.


When you become an ambassador you can expect regular product delivers to keep your recovery game strong.


Share with your followers how you use our products to fuel your recovery and offer them 10% off with your unique discount code.


Ambassadors earn 20% of all sales generated through their unique codes. The more your followers spend, the more you earn. 

Home Grown Releaf

inspires youexcites yousuprises youhelps you
to train harder!by showing new opportunities!with innovative products!earn money easily!
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Nobody trains harder than our ambassadors which is why we provide them with the supplements they need to recover better. When we launch a new product or create merchandise our athletes can expect a package in the mail soon after. They get 30% off any additional products they want for themselves or to gift.


When our ambassadors share how they use our products to recover better we want to make it easy for their followers to try our products for themselves. Every ambassador gets a unique discount code for 10% off that they can share with their friends. Ambassadors earn 20% of all sales generated with their unique codes.

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Let’s take our relationship to the next level! If you love our products, use our products, and want to advocate for our brand, then apply here! We will reach out to see if we will be a good fit for one another. Spots are limited, so apply today!